the Grapes of Rad #23

Posted on March 7th , 2009 at 9:29 pm by


Topics include: poor spelling, suicidal birds, going to the movies, Shelton, looney tunes fashions, “That’s Messed Up,” cheese safety, cover songs, hangovers on “Hey, Bartender!” and more.

Also, Paul from “Your Boy’s Boys” sets us straight regarding NASCAR, and we ask for your opinions on a tech issue.

We’re serious about that last one. We need to know whether you really look at the images & use the chapter breaks – if not, we’re gonna scrap ’em. Holla on the group wall, if you would be so kind.

If you find yourself bored during the week, here are some suggestions to curb the ennui:

– Go out and write “the Grapes of Rad” on something, take a pic, and post it on the group page.
– Tell a friend about the show! If they’re on Facebook, invite them to the group.
– Call the voicemail (646-463-4161 x03779) and if you don’t have anything to say, simply say “that’s messed up.” 3 Words. No jokes needed.
– Join Twitter and follow @grapesofrad.
– Stop by the Facebook group; we (and you) are always adding new stuff!

Thanks, everybody. We know we ask a lot, but it’s only because your contributions make the show way better!

the old lady from Friday the 13th.

the old lady from Friday the 13th.