The Grapes of Rad #235: @backsplash w/ David Bazan

Posted on January 6th , 2014 at 7:34 pm by


The Grapes of Rad #235: @backsplash w/ David Bazan

Bazan is back, baby!

Topics include:, squirrels as weapons, Bong tales, our Christmases, night cramps, @MemesOfRad, Stay Tuned’s latest show,, Axel F, Practically Useful, Alec Baldwin & Robin Quivers, meat,, The Simpsons commentaries, and TMU featuring a piranha attack!

Here’s a picture of Dave getting head-smootchies from John Krasinski:


If you’re curious, you can listen to our “How To” show from 2009 right here.

Closing music is “Never Leave a Job Half Done” by Pedro the Lion