the Grapes of Rad #25

Posted on March 22nd , 2009 at 9:14 am by


Topics include: horrible tattoos, “Awful Poetry,” the death penalty, personal space, voicemails, a profanity-laden resume from craigslist, garbage woes, VHS picks, and of course “That’s Messed Up” (or TMU as the kids have taken to calling it).

Also, Aaron lowers his TV standards & sucks at “Oregon Trail,” and Ben, against the advice of our lawyers, offers his services as a second story man.

Sadly, we didn’t have time during the week to rifle through & package for your listening pleasures all of the glorious St. Patty’s Day voicemails, so stay tuned for a special mid-week supplement courtesy of your friends at Go’Rad Industries.

As always, keep calling 646-462-4161 x03779 and saying whatever the heck-fire you want. Can’t think of anything to say? “That’s messed up” will do nicely.

Thank you all so much.  To show our appreciation, here are a few awful tattoos: