The Grapes of Rad #255: 101 Computer Jokes!

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The Grapes of Rad #255: 101 Computer Jokes!

Don’t be left out! Watch the first episode of Quantum Leap in time for the pilot of our new show “The Leap Home: A Look Bakula!” Email us your questions/comments at

Topics include: Chelsea Handler nude (Hi, Google search bots), Kirk Cameron’s message for men, see Joseph and David Bazan, Black Friday, This Week in Things Aren’t Going Well for Andy Dick, a quick Grapes early history recap, we read emails, Dumb and Dumber To, racism, listen to Serial, an amazing break-up text, and more!

Listen to Aaron’s Miley Cyrus parody “Santa Claus.”

Playwright Listener Trevor and his muse Scott Bakula

trevor and scott bakula

Closing music: Too Many Cooks (8-bit NES Chiptune Cover) by Rush Coil