the Grapes of Rad #26

Posted on March 28th , 2009 at 6:18 pm by


Topics include: Aaron’s first lapdance, Shelton, barfights with Samurai swords, “Awful Poetry w/ Zack,” video picks, Shelton, college virginity rates by major, voicemails, the guys put on a play during “That’s Messed Up,” and Shelton.

Also, if it hasn’t sunk in, Aaron went to Shelton & will be talking about his awesome time there including a special “Shelton Story” told by Rob Dunlap recorded live and in the heart of Shel-town herself.

Stay tuned for the music at the end of the show by The Occupation from (you guessed it) Shelton. They were rad enough to give us THE world premier exclusive before they release their new EP. Check out their other 4 excellent tracks at

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P.S. This is what Ben wrote on and I love it:

“Did you hear Mr. Rogers got in a nasty bar fight? You will. Show #26 is a sheltravaganza of shelton stories, including a Bob the Parking Cop biographical. Deez Grapes also debut a new segment called “that’s alright”(?) as well as some TV/video pics to make you awesomer, and an undercover spy-recording Aaron made of a crazy guy talking about Back to the Future. Can you beat this? Can you?”

I can’t.