the Grapes of Rad #30

Posted on April 25th , 2009 at 7:08 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #30

Topics include: how (or how not) to handle “the accidental boob graze,” the philosophy of humor, links galore, massages, Video Prozac, a dark-humored former iPhone app, time, TMU, a VHS pick, and “Hey, Bartender!” featuring the debut of the new theme song William requested last week.

Also, we have 2 awesome voicemails in response to things we covered on the show: Wade, who was working the Britney Spears concert in Vancouver, gives us a first-hand account of the (in)action, and Ben’s dad responds to the story about him shooting a dog from his bedroom window & burying the carcass in his kids’ fort.

Speaking of Ben’s dad…

The overall tone of the show might be a little different this week. Big Ray fell while framing a house on Thursday and busted his hip (which had to be replaced), a leg, and smashed his hand.  He’s doing slightly better than expected, but that’s because he’s Wolverine.

Ben basically drove up from the hospital in Olympia to record the show and went right back to stay with his dad, so things may seem a little “toned down.”  Don’t worry, listener.  We still bring the awesome, albeit in a slightly lower vocal register.

If you have the desire to send any well wishes, you can comment here (he checks the site) and/or leave messages with us (voicemail, Facebook, email, Twitter), and we’ll see that Ray gets them!

Also, this guy is very much dead: