the Grapes of Rad #37

Posted on June 14th , 2009 at 9:04 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #37

Topics include: Zack Morris, Ben’s acne, a slew of really great Video Prozac, live “Awful Poetry w/ Zack,” your voicemails (including a gift from Listener Daniel), “Badass of the Week,” the return of “Hey, Bartender!” and a “That’s Messed Up” featuring an update on/from David Carradine, and wandering bullets, dogs, & toddlers.

Also, the guy from Full Metal Jacket does a good deed, and Aaron repeatedly makes a movie reference that Ben doesn’t understand – surprise!

And thanks to SuperTim for the picture this week.  Submit your own still photographs to “aaron” or “ben” & we’ll use them here.

Some guy in Florida started a fight with this truck. Not the driver. The truck.


And this is “the Death Star,” Ben’s new dodgeball sound system.


P.S. Our friends at Your Boy’s Boys have entered a contest involving 2 of my favorite things: WaWa & the music of Michael McDonald. Do us solid by clicking HERE and giving them 5 stars. That’s it – no signing up, no CAPTCHA, no nothing. Thanks!