the Grapes of Rad #45

Posted on August 10th , 2009 at 1:03 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #45

Topics include: tactical war gazebos, Starbucks is a giant fucking liar, Badass of the Week, talking up on the radio, “the Men of SureWood Builders,” Aerosmith, Video Prozac, the proper way to behave with a downed fly in the room, Vince’s TV, Listener Mike calls in after Comic-Con, a non sequitur VHS Pick, escaping zombies, and That’s Messed Up!

Also, and most importantly, Aaron’s high school friend Vince is visiting in Seattle and sat in on Ep45.

For a few minutes this week, we got into some slightly heavier fare than usual on deez grapes regarding religion & politics (not for too long – don’t worry, Listener). Normally, we like to be a distraction from that stuff, but it this is how it played out. Deal.

Comic-Con + Mobility Scooter =

MobilityScoot002 (Thanks, Listener Mike)

the Men of SureWood Builders: