the Grapes of Rad #48: the Shelton BBQ

Posted on September 6th , 2009 at 6:00 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #48: the Shelton BBQ

We’re “LIVE” from Shelton!

Topics include: JT makes excellent lawn-mowing music, Wal-Mart, bears, Ben’s “windjammer,” a community Video Prozac, peeing at work, crying at the movies, your voicemails, Ben discovers “best of craigslist,” Badasses of the Week, and TMU.

For the first time ever, we recorded in front of a live (drunk) audience! Things may sound a little different (and a little drunk), but it’s the same RAD you’ve come to expect from deez Grapes.

So shotgun yourself a beer, and get to listenin’!

This driver is doing it wrong:


And she calls that a knife:

knife lady

THANK YOU to everybody who came out for the day’s festivities! We had a great time, and really enjoyed getting to hang out, drink some brews, and play some games with all of you.