the Grapes of Rad #51

Posted on September 28th , 2009 at 11:04 am by


the Grapes of Rad #51

Topics include: Rollerblades & safety, Tourette’s, living in the future, a Badass of the Week, a couple of old shows from Nickelodeon, Aaron’s accident at work, guns/right-wing politics, snakes & things with 2 heads, a huge Best of Craigslist, and a TMU featuring Sweedish boobs, running with no legs, lots of penis, and Aaron eating hand sanitizer.

Also, we debut 2 new segments: “This Week in FAIL” & “Email of the Week.”

Apparently snakes have legs now. That sound? Oh, that’s me shitting myself:


“Save a dwarf, buy a T-shirt!”

And be sure to check out the Songs page for the video to this week’s closing song; it’s the kind where they film themselves recording & cut the video like the audio. It’s rad, & the girl is totally indie-cute.