the Grapes of Rad #55

Posted on October 27th , 2009 at 1:38 am by


the Grapes of Rad #55

Topics include: Ben’s “charity work,” a Badass of the Week, Aaron is an old bastard, best of craigslist, the legalization of marijuana, Comcast, Planet Earth is a liar, Ben’s ass, the fucking word of the day (.com), Hulu is greedy, “Hey, Bartender!” and TMU.

Also, deez grapes went to the movies, and Ben tells a Shelton story: Ray’s Happy Light.

“License & registration plea-aa….OH MY GOD THAT IS AWESOME!!”


I’m pleasantly surprised at the results of our last poll. Of the 60 people who voted, more than half loved their job (53%)! Only 16 people described it as being “just a job,” half that number were unemployed, and only 4 people hated how they bring home the bacon.