the Grapes of Rad #56

Posted on November 3rd , 2009 at 6:41 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #56

Topics include: our Halloween costumes, Ben breaks his neck, Vancouver’s Olympic iJoint, men are babies when they get sick, a few Video Prozacs, Arnold’s letter, It’s Always Sunny in Wallingford, a Somali wedding, the Pale Pacific, voicemails, 2 Best of craigslists, Dexter, emailing the Mormons (pt. 328), and That’s Messed Up.

Also, Aaron has a 8-yr-old Badass of the Week, and Ben discovers where Sgt. Frank Drebin goes to get drunk.

Don’t piss of the Governator, or he’ll send you a very strongly worded letter:


And you wouldn’t need legs either, if the Force was as strong in you: