the Grapes of Rad #58

Posted on November 16th , 2009 at 3:14 am by


the Grapes of Rad #58

Topics include: Aaron gets felony-stopped by the Seattle PD, a Listener Email 2-fer, Listener Alex made us business cards, Video Prozac, Just the Headline, voicemails, phone sex & the iHole, a VHS Pick: The Wizard, Badasses, This Week in Fail, the chimp attack lady was on Oprah, Best of craigslist, and TMU.

Also, we call Ben’s brother Daniel live on the air for Shelton Story told IN Shelton, and Ben hears the brand new voicemail song right along with you!

This guy did exactly what it looks like he would do, but you’ll never guess what it is:

couch guy

And he’s right under their noses…


Our bitchin’ new business cards from Listeners Alex & Brian:

business cards

Thanks, dudes!