the Grapes of Rad #59

Posted on November 24th , 2009 at 7:47 am by


the Grapes of Rad #59

Topics include: Thanksgiving, an overdose of Video Prozac, Listener Emails, fatness, our jobs, “Just the Headline,” who to follow on Twitter, voicemails, a VHS pick, the possible Flowers/Wargames connection, TMU, and more.

Also, Ben debuts a new segment called “Dude, That’s Not a Word,” and we set the wheels in motion for DEATH POOL 2010!

Big ups to the 86 voters in our “have you ever touched a dead body” poll. The verdict: 34 people said they have and 40 said they have not (which is closer than I would have guessed). Only 12 of you jackasses voted “Biblically?”

We’re taking next week off, Listener, but keep your ear to the ground. We’re still gonna make some noise…