the Grapes of Rad #60

Posted on December 8th , 2009 at 12:00 am by


the Grapes of Rad #60

Topics include: “Dude, That’s Not a Word,” Tiger Woods, health tips from Cosmo, the Go’Rad sinner’s prayer, Awful Poetry w/ Zack, gay marriage, Just the Headline, African-American Friday, Listener Email of the Week, Adam Lambert, 2 Badasses, Warm & Fuzzy, voicemails, Death Pool MMX, Video Prozac, and as always: That’s Messed Up!

Also, Ben extols the virtues of LED lights, and Listener Nic is offering YOU a prize for leaving the best iTunes review in December!

So, who’s signing for this..?


“[Obama Ecstasy] is characterized by a brief, powerful high followed by a long, slow comedown.” -SNL


And this pretty much speaks for itself:

fat flyer

We’ve also added this week’s drink recipe to the Hey, Bartender page. “But there’s no Hey, Bartender this week?!” We know… Just listen to the show, and it will all make sense. Pinky-swear.