the Grapes of Rad #61

Posted on December 15th , 2009 at 9:36 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #61

Topics include: Men’s Doubles Luge, Jersey Shore, religious extremists, Amanda Knox, Lucky Bastards of the Week, ways to get around NYC, Best News in the World of the Week, Badasses, Listener Email of the Week, a pair of triple dog dares, Video Prozacs, iTunes (c’mon, Staff Favorites…), cable tv, weight-loss surgery, voicemails, Ben talks some shit, and a TMU that reminds you: “Don’t check your shit by pulling the trigger!”

Also, we ask: What style/artist should be the theme of the next voicemail song?

Amanda Knox outside of Flowers:

amanda knox at flowers
photo by Madison Paxton

This week’s Shelton Story:


A mosaic of Snoop Dogg made entirely from joint roaches…

(More of these here.)

…and this guy could have easily smoked all of them:

joint man