the Grapes of Rad #74

Posted on April 15th , 2010 at 2:10 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #74

Topics include: The origin of Clive Meedles, “Hey, Bartender!” What Ben & squirrels have in common, Nemesis the Death Star, Conan O’Brien, Aaron made some Tiger Woods ads, tax time, Juggalos on the golf course, wine, Just the Headline, Ben has to break into his own car by smashing a window with a hammer, Westboro Baptist Church, It’s Science, and TMU.

Also, we take a trip to KFC and eat Double Downs on air – like apparently every podcast in the world decided to do this week. Except we went in Ben’s shitty car, put our faces on a toilet, and have video of the whole thing.

The KFC video will be uploaded the second I have time to edit/upload it. Until then…

We’re guessing she didn’t pass:

Porn for the blind:

And Mother Nature kicked this dude’s ass:

Finally, a special thanks to Cait “the Official Grape of Leigh High School” who drew the banner pic for this episode’s post! SO. DOPE.