the Grapes of Rad #79

Posted on June 5th , 2010 at 9:16 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #79

Topics include:

the 2010 SASQUATCH Music Festival!

Also, Listener Steven calls in with his favorite acts from the weekend, Luke Duke leaves DWF, the A-Team, new/old Limp Bizkit, “Gone Too Long,” DPMMX, Badass of the Week, how to deal with crazies, racism, This Week in Awesome Driving, a Supreme Court survey, Practically Useful, and TMU.

Also also, we went a little long this week to make room for all the Sasquatchy goodness (and because we got totally distracted by and Pastor Mark Driscoll’s take on anal sex), but trust us – you won’t mind…

Wait for it…


Check these people. They’ve pulled off the difficult-while-drunk “girl on shoulders on shoulders” maneuver: