the Grapes of Rad #80

Posted on June 12th , 2010 at 1:21 am by


the Grapes of Rad #80

Topics include: What the hell is with the spirally lights?, @BPGlobalPR, dogs everywhere, Ben went camping, we want press passes for CreationFest, William the Bartender infiltrates Aaron’s new job at Cheezburger Networks, the weaponization of animals, Video Prozac, how Jesus is like Edward Cullen, Aaron’s wife comes downstairs to talk engagement & wedding rings, This Week in Awesome Driving, 1 Dick Each Thigh (She Dancin’), This Week in Fake News, drama at Ground Zero, Teabaggers, awful video game movies, Badasses, and TMU.

Sound teabagging logic:

Why Twilight is popular:


This is the real, actual cover of this month’s Vermont Catholic: