the Grapes of Rad #81

Posted on June 17th , 2010 at 9:10 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #81

Topics include: Aaron saw The A-Team, constructive uses for the Yellow Pages, encyclopedias, Chatroulette’s penis filter, gayestandstraighestthingever, crossing the street, This Week in Lightning f/ Kevin Costner & Jesus,, Xibit pimps a river in Utah, one of the most amazing tattoo stories Aaron has ever heard, a VHS Pick, vuvuzelas & Mummers, Fake News, This Week in You’re A Fucking Lunatic, Just the Headline 3D, and TMU.

Also, Ben had a BBQ featuring Go’Rad official meal of summer: a Nathan’s hot dog & a Vodka Tea Press.

Hey (Christian) ladies – meet Mr. Right (Man of God)!


This Week in Real-Life Pop Culture Mad-Libs: Coolio’s misspelled Insane Clown Posse tattoo!

Footage of the SPD Officer punching a girl resisting arrest:


“Quicksand Jesus” BEFORE:

and AFTER the “Act of God.”

We want this show to be an avenue for all the cool things you (yes, you) are doing. If you have something that’s cool & should be seen/heard/worn/etc., let us know about it.

For example, Brewer Isaac is now offering his culinary expertise that you should only be lucky enough to hire. Specializing in smoked meats & Southern-style BBQ, I’m telling you that I’m telling you: this guy knows what he’s doing, is super passionate about making it perfect, and might be the nicest guy on Earth. Call him at 360-510-1247 immediately, and have him cater your next event. PERFECT for the summer.