the Grapes of Rad #93: Sean DeTore

Posted on September 27th , 2010 at 10:49 pm by


the Grapes of Rad #93: Sean DeTore

This week we are joined by “Japan’s #1 Mixer” Mr. Sean DeTore. You may recognize him from such programs as The Mixtape w/ Sean DeTore and TBTL. If you don’t, go listen to those programs immediately.

Topics include: toothpicks, latex gloves make you more legit, Aaron is temporarily blind, Ben didn’t fall for John QuiƱones’ tricks, New Jersey, a Shelton Story, the history of Sean DeTore, audio from Sean’s very first time on the radio, “specking the jigglies,” the biz, Just the Headline, primitive solutions to global warming, Prick or Asshole?, teabaggers &, VHS Pick: Hackers, Video Prozac, music, and Badass: Animal Edition.

You’re a Wizard, Harry! (So, is Ben crazy?)


Be sure to go to Sean’s kick-ass Trivia Night & win more money than he’s comfortable giving away!

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