the Grapes of Rad: Religion Show

Posted on May 27th , 2010 at 6:02 pm by


the Grapes of Rad: Religion Show

Everyone has something to say about religion, so our good friend & Christian Culture expert Stephanie Drury sat down with us on Tuesday night as we broke out the webcam and streamed our first live show from Studio B!

We covered a variety of faith-themed topics, and had some fantastic discussions with those of you who were rad enough to call us up or chime in from the chat room (or both!).

If you’re new to deez Grapes, you should know that this is not our typical fare; 2 minutes into any other episode should tell you that. But we are a community here, and this subject always seemed to rear its head which is why we’re hitting it straight on – honestly and with humor.

Our friend Stephanie

If you weren’t able to make the live broadcast – fear not! We want to keep the discussion going in the comments below. If you have something to say, please say it.

P.S. Despite the wool I somehow manage to pull over everyone’s eyes, I’m actually tech-tarded. Trying to broadcast a live show with call-ins while simultaneously recording the audio to editing software but making sure everyone on all 3 sides can hear it is, in my head, the same amount of tech it takes to get to the Moon.

MUCHAS gracias to everyone who helped during setup, especially Sean, who is certainly over his minutes this month from spending 2hrs on the horn with me while I tried to fix computer problems with my Victorian-era skills.