the Grapes of Rad #14

Posted on January 3rd , 2009 at 9:02 pm by


yes, we are now The Grapes of Rad. Thanks for all your votes! You, the listener, have decided our destiny in the cosmos, and deemed us worthy of so great a name. i can only hope we live up to it. the newly named show features a voicemail number YOU can call! try it at: 646-462-4161, extension 03779. yeah, it’s sort of lame to have an extension, but it’s free! call us. we like it.

This week finds Aaron and Ben on a journey through our crappy new year’s “parties” in to world news, “that’s messed up”, “hey bartender” (featuring bartender william), and making fun of ben for just now getting on facebook.

listen- this is important. the show is now fortified with visual goodness. check out chapter breaks, sweet pics, and links to soothe your aching 2009 brain.

listener, we love you. and we know you love us. tell us by writing a glowing review on the iTunes. do it.

(post script)
we had a few requests i will address in this post script:
1. listener frank (i think this is seth’s gay alter-ego) requested a picture of bartender william, and
2. listener mary requested a written version of the hot toddy recipe.
here is a picture of william from a few days ago when we journeyed across the puget sound…
here is the hot toddy recipe, for an 8 ounce drink:
ingredients- whiskey, honey, hot water, lemon juice (fresh squeezed is best)
mix 1 to 1.5 oz whiskey with 1 oz. lemon juice, a half-ounce of honey, and the remander of the 8 oz. is hot water. bam.