we dun goof’d

Posted on August 13th , 2010 at 6:21 pm by


we dun goof’d

We here at GoRad Industries regret to inform you that there will NOT be a Grapes of Rad: Episode 87 this week.


The short version:

The full version:

I always have GarageBand files on my desktop, one of which is always a blank template (with all of our settings saved) that I open & use to record each show. Afterwards, I save the file as whichever episode it is, in this case “ep87.”

I woke up this morning, opened GarageBand and saw a full-looking template file. Full, because it had all the audio for what was to be this week’s show. I thought, “why don’t I clear out this template so it’s nice and blank next time we record?” So I did. Then “saved as.”¬†Then I went to open “ep87.”

But there was no “ep87.” Because the template file that until a few seconds ago had all the audio on it actually turned out to be like a dead¬†atheist: it never got saved.

So I tried everything I knew, and some things I didn’t, to try and restore the data, but it had been overwritten. Over written with “blank.” Which makes it even worse.

We’re especially sorry cuz we both thought it was a pretty good one. Ben brought a really funny audio clip, and I did a neat comparison between Irish & Scottish accents. And dick jokes. Oh well, not this Friday the 13th I guess.


Aaron B.W. Mason